RESEARCH has shown that thousands of university graduates are now opting to become entrepreneurs in their field of study. The study further shows that the reason is not necessary that self employment brings in more revenue but because it comes with more freedom. A self employed doctor or lawyer has absolute control of his time than one in full time employment.
The biggest challenge for would be entrepreneurs is start up costs or capital, without which no business idea can take off. Online Business Journal, AFRO-PRENEUR gathered a few business ideas from the Small Business Opportunity Magazine that need minimal or no capital at all but can help you generate enough money to “Pay up some bills”.
Below is the list of 43 easy business ideas you can start today without hassling about capital:
1. NEWSLETTER: One doesn’t have to be a genius to write a newsletter other than having a nose for news. Choose something you are interested in and write about it then local companies can place adverts in your news letter and through this, you can make “real cash”.
2. CAPTURE SPECIAL EVENTS: Video shooting is becoming a booming business as Video Cameras are becoming more accessible. If you enjoy taking Videos, this is your ideal business and you can do this for special gatherings for family and friends. Imagine getting paid to do something you love? Why not? Recording events can be started immediately and all you need is a Video Camera and a computer for editing.
3. REPAIRING BYCYCLES: Advertise that you can fix bicycles in your local News paper and see what happens. Do you know how many bikes have been thrown into garages and just need a little touch? If you are a handy man where fixing bicycles is concerned, then you can make money from it. This can done part time or fool time.
4. OFFER DJ SERVICES: Have you ever attended a party where there is no Disc Jockey? Boring right? If you can afford a simple but good sound system, this business is definitely for you. In fact, these days most DJ’s use computers to do their mixes so it is much easier as there is not need to purchase expensive Sound Systems.
5. JUNK REMOVAL: The pressure from environment friendly organizations is forcing many dumping sites to be closed. It’s a great thing, but it has made it more difficult to get rid of a lot of junk. You can start a business removing items from people’s homes and yards that they can’t get rid of themselves. Maybe your customers have no way to haul their stuff to the dump; maybe it is too heavy for their car, etc. You do the research.
6. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICE: You help individuals set up accounts at MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and you maintain them.
7. GARAGE CLEANING: Do you know how many people are struggling to clean their garages? Some garages need a complete overhaul. You can offer this service to homeowners in your community and by the time you get all the garages cleaned and straightened up, it will be time to start all over again.
8. PET PHOTOGRAPHER: I know this might sound funny but some people love their pets. If you like animals and enjoy taking pictures, consider starting a business in which you photograph people’s pets. Ask local pet shops if you can display a flier offering your service.
9. TEACH YOUR CRAFT: Do you engage in a hobby or craft that people have told you they would love to learn? Then why don’t you start offering classes or lessons in this hobby craft? Do you make quilts, do stained glass or build small sailboats? There is probably a market to teach this service.
10. POOL CLEANING: Do you live in an area with a lot of swimming pools? You could start a pool cleaning and maintenance service. Pool cleaners drop by once a week to vacuum the pool and distribute the chlorine.
11. FURNITURE REFINISHING: Even if you’ve never done this before there are scores of books out now on the topic and dozens of magazines that teach one how to refinish furniture. You can offer this as a service and do it at your place, or theirs.
12. INSTALLATION SERVICE: You can advertise in local newspapers, put up a flier and drop into stores that sell these items and ask them if they can refer you to their customers. The store might be convinced that they will sell more items if they have a person to hook them up!
13. WEDDING PLANNER: Planning a wedding is tough for the harried bride who has enough on her mind. A wedding planner sits down with the bride and the groom and plans a wedding that they want. The wedding planner must work within a budget and should have good resources.
14. DISH RENTAL BUSINESS: Ever throw a party and not have enough dishes to go around? Or rather, dishes that matched? There are plenty of folks in that predicament, including many catering businesses, and you can start a business just renting your dishes to them. You’ll have to buy a few sets of dishes that can accommodate up to 100 place settings—or more. You’ll also have to have a van to deliver and pick up the dishes at the end of the event.
15. PARTIES FOR KIDS: You can start a business planning parties for children. You can buy all the party fair and drop it off, or you can also provide the cake, the entertainment and even be on hand to supervise these events. You’ll need good resources for the cake, entertainment and party goods. Advertise in local papers and at local clubs that cater to Moms.
16. ORGANIZING KITCHENS: You take on this task that apartment dwellers and homeowners don’t want to face.
17. GRASS CUTTING SERVICES: Cutting lawns is something that every homeowner must do. You can start a business offering this service. If there is lot of competition in your region, offer a discounted price for new customers.
18. SERVICES FOR SENIORS: There are plenty of senior citizens outs there who could use some help in getting chores done, answering mail, helping out with seasonal duties around the house and much, much more. You can start a senior service business where you help them do all of these things.
19. FLOWERS TO GO: If you live on a street on which harried executives travel on their way home, consider growing flowers and selling them right from your front yard. It’s an easy-start business and once you reel in a few customers it will attract more and more. You should have some attractive wrap handy to wrap up the flowers, to.
20. COMPUTER TUTOR: If you have a knack for working on your computer, then you might want to start a business that enables you to earn money while helping folks learn how to operate a computer. Take out a few ads in local newspapers or distribute fliers.
21. HOME DELIVERY SERVICE: Home delivery is predicted to be one of the hottest business opportunities of the decade and beyond. People are lazy and pressed for time. The population is getting older and more consumers want stuff delivered right to their doorstep. We’re referring to prescriptions, grocery goods, hardware, lumber yard, etc. You’ll need to tie-in with stores and shops in your region that don’t deliver.
22. WEED REMOVAL: That’s it. Just weeds, okay, and maybe some vines, too. You advertise in local papers.
23. COMPUTER BIZ WIZ: If you are great with a computer, consider starting a business in which you help small business owners and residential customers set up computers and perform tasks. You could compile mailing lists for them, set up their bookkeeping and accounting systems and help homeowners install software systems for their kids.
24. VIDEO TO DVD SERVICE: Everyone has old VHS tapes around. You take them and transfer to DVDs. There are transfer machines available at affordable prices.
25. CHILD CARE CENTER: You care for children during the day while their parents are at work or otherwise occupied. You can start a day care center right in your own home. You’ll need to purchase small chairs, a table, toys, games and outdoor play items. Maybe you already have a lot of this stuff because you have small children of your own. There are about 75,000 daycare centers in the United States that are licensed. The price charged for each child ranges from $45 to $200 a week. You’ll only need a half-dozen kids to make this a high-profit venture. Most states require that one has a license to run a day care center. There are several steps involved in getting a license. Call your local State Department of Health and Human Resources to determine the correct office that regulates child care in your state. Call that office and ask for a copy of regulations governing child care centers.
26. BOOKKEEPING FOR SMALL BUS-INISSES: If you are handy with numbers and can master some of the accounting software programs available, you can start a business offering bookkeeping and accounting services to small business owners who don’t have the time nor the inclination to set this type of system up for themselves.
27. BACKYARD PONDS AND WATER GAR-DENS: These are increasingly in demand. Homeowners want to have this type of sanctuary in their yard. They love the sound of water splashing over rocks and would love the idea of having some fish in the backyard, too. These ponds are very easy to build today.
28. MOVE-IN SERVICE: How many times have you or someone you know moved into an apartment to find the refrigerator in need of cleaning, the stove quite unkempt, the bathroom grout full of mildew, the walls in need of a paint job, etc. Well, you can make some money by starting a move-in service. You get everything ready for the folks before they move.
29. FIREWOOD DELIVERY: A few years ago, we interviewed three firewood delivery entrepreneurs who worked weekends only. They bought their wood a few counties away where it was cheap and tripled the price to sell it locally. They made profits of up to 400% on a cord of wood in some locations.

30. ANTIQUE CENTER: Yes, you buy antiques and collectible items and set them up on display right in your home. On weekends, or even every day, if you live in a well-trafficked location, you invite the buying public in to tour the room(s) in which you feature these items for sale.
31. MAKE AND SELL A FOOD PRODUCT: Do you make sauce or salad dressing that people tell you, you should market? Then do it?! Investigate with local health officials if you can produce your recipe at home. You might need a food handler’s license. Find out what information you must include on a label.
32. PERSONAL ASSISTANT: If you are good, and we mean really good, with details and you are very much a perfectionist about the jobs you do, you can start a business hiring yourself out as a personal assistant to your clients. You will do everything from problem solving, to writing letters to handling the caterer, the gardener and special events for your clients.
33. ERRAND SERVICE: Charge by the hour to perform a wide variety of errands for your clients. You can market your services to moms, single parents, grandparents, seniors, etc.
34. MARKET YOUR ARTS AND OR CRAFTS: If you make jewelry, art, photography, distress furniture, make baskets, etc., figure out how you can paid to do it. There are several books on the market available that can help you learn how to market your arts and crafts. Sell them at fairs or sell directly to stores or even to catalog owners.
35. KITCHEN DESIGN: Get out your computer, purchase some new software CD-ROMs and learn how to dazzle your clients with your new ideas in kitchen design. Local hardware stores or lumberyards that sell kitchen cabinets, etc., might want to suggest that their shoppers contact you for ideas.
36. BED & BREAKFAST BIZ: Do you have an extra room or two that you could rent out? Congratulations, you’re in the bed and breakfast business. This is a great business you can start without too much hassle. You don’t necessarily have to provide a private bath, but it is a nice touch. You should call your insurance company and ask them to review your policy.
37. PARTY PLANNER: If you enjoy people and parties, then this could be a great business for you to start. Do you have great organizational skills? Then you are one step closer to launching your own party planning service. You get to throw great parties spending other people’s money. You’ll have to develop a very good file of resources for music, catering, places to hold events, florists, invitation printing, and any other aspect of hosting an event.
38. CHIMNEY SWEEP: Do you know how to clean a chimney? If you do, it’s money in the bank. If you don’t, you can learn. The equipment is available at hardware stores and home centers. You’ll need a long brush with a telescopic handle, gloves and a few other items. Wood burning stoves are experiencing a great rise in popularity and sales.
39. HANDYMAN: Are you handy around the house? Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for it?! There are probably plenty of folks right in your own town who would love to avail themselves of your handyman services. You might think it’s simple to install a light socket, put up molding, change a doorknob, patch a screen, repair a broken door hinge or put up some bookshelves, but most people do not.
40. HOLIDAY DECORATING: There are plenty of homeowners and business owners who just don’t have the time, the inclination or the design know-how to decorate their homes and businesses for the holiday season. This is especially true for the winter season, but you could expand this business into a four-season enterprise. You’ll be handling holiday lights (and purchasing them at wholesale rates and selling them at a whopping profit).
41. ART GALLERY: You can set up your very own art gallery right in your home. Hang the art of local artists on your walls and host a party once a month to show the work to potential buyers. There are plenty of folks out there who are making art but who have no place show their work.
42. WINDOW WASHING: Window washing is a business that, while you don’t actually work at home, you do run the business from home (sending out fliers, making calls to place ads, calling customers to get business). There is almost no one out there that doesn’t refer to the task of window washing as a disagreeable necessity. You come to the rescue and make some good bucks for it.
43. PARTY ENTERTAINING: This is ideal for all those ‘wana be’ stand up comedians. If you are a natural entertainer, consider starting your own entertainment business. You will be hired to perform at parties. Parties for kids, for civic groups, for corporate sponsors, for town celebrations, etc. You’ll need a good rapport with people. Think of the various personas you could create: gorilla, historian, clown, etc.

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